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Third Coast Leadership Pac

Louisiana is positioned for greatness, but we need smart, forward-thinking leadership to help get us there. Our state boasts an abundance of resources, from one of the largest port systems in the world and the oil and gas industry that fuels our nation, to vast human capital and a world-renowned, unique culture. For too long the full potential of these great assets has been left untapped.

Third Coast Leadership PAC supports people and activities that are moving Louisiana forward.

The Third Coast is a place where common sense rules the day. We put politics aside to do what is best for all Louisianans, from Lake Charles to Shreveport, Monroe to Houma, and New Orleans to Grand Isle.



Creating Jobs & Strengthening the Middle Class

The hard-working people of Louisiana deserve access to well-paying jobs. The formula for success includes workforce development, supporting our community and technical colleges, attracting new businesses, and nurturing home-grown companies. A stronger economy means a stronger middle class — and a better quality of life for all Louisianans.

Protecting our Coast

Louisiana’s coastal wetlands are disappearing at an alarming rate, and our communities are in grave danger if we don’t step up and fight to save our coast.

Health Care

Health care costs continue to skyrocket, growing faster than the economy, and family budgets can’t keep up. Louisianans deserve access to quality, affordable health care.

Improving Our Infrastructure

From our expansive port system and rail lines to telecommunication and streets, an important part of creating a stronger economy and higher quality of life is modernizing and strengthening our state’s infrastructure.

Enhancing Opportunities in Education

Providing quality educational opportunities and programs prepares youth for the jobs of tomorrow. Supporting Louisiana’s students and families beginning with early childhood care through post-secondary education is an investment in a brighter future.


LegerPortrait200“Third Coast Leadership PAC supports people and activities that help make Louisiana the best it can possibly be — by building upon our many strengths. We’ve accomplished a lot in recent years, but we still have a long way to go. In order to create a better tomorrow, we need strong leaders and smart policies. Together, we can help our great state reach its full potential. I encourage you to join the team and help move Louisiana forward!”

— Walt

Walter “Walt” J. Leger III
State Representative, District 91
Speaker Pro Tempore, Louisiana House of Representatives

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Let DC and BR know how much you care about the coast

Let DC and BR know how much you care about the coast

President Barack Obama’s 2016 budget and more recently Gov. Bobby Jindal’s midyear budget reductions include plans to swipe funds dedicated to protecting and restoring Louisiana’s coast. Any move to reduce money dedicated to our coast is shortsighted and detrimental to the well-being of our state and our nation. While it is true that the governor’s proposed $1.2…

BESE must continue the Louisiana plan

BESE must continue the Louisiana plan

Louisianans are proud of our heritage and traditions. Unfortunately we are more recognized for cultural excellence — food, music, and sports — than for performance in the classroom. In reading and math, we rank among the bottom five states. Our college graduation rates are among the lowest in the country, and high-paying Louisiana jobs often…

Our Infrastructure Report Card…somebody’s going to be grounded

Our Infrastructure Report Card…somebody’s going to be grounded

Louisiana is known as the gateway to the Americas. Our extensive waterways, abundant ports, and oil and gas system are some of the greatest assets in our arsenal. But did you know that last year the American Society of Civil Engineers gave Louisiana a grade of C- for our infrastructure? Brain-eating amoebas, sinking streets, “high-hazard”…

What it Means to be a Third Coaster

What it Means to be a Third Coaster

A Third Coaster is someone who sees our state’s potential and wants to act on that potential to bring about a better Louisiana. A Third Coaster recognizes that while the state has come a long way, there are concrete ways to make Louisiana a place with a strong middle class, low unemployment rates, advanced infrastructure, quality education,…

La. students not accessing millions in available federal aid

La. students not accessing millions in available federal aid

The Associated Press 12:36 p.m. CST December 11, 2014 Louisiana’s students are missing out on millions of dollars in federal financial aid that could help them gain skills training or college degrees after high school, Superintendent of Education John White said Thursday. Read the article here.

Vote ‘yes’ on New Orleans school maintenance fund

Vote ‘yes’ on New Orleans school maintenance fund

Published as a Letter to the Editor, NOLA.com | The Times-Picayune on November 28, 2014 Imagine purchasing your dream car, with all the bells and whistles, but never changing the oil. Before you knew it, the engine would burn up, and the car would be rendered useless. That’s essentially what is threatening our newly built…